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Kawasaki Shinyuri Film Festival
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· Volunteers
· Barrier-free aspects
· The Junior Film-making Workshop
· Cinema-uma
Unique features of Kawasaki Shinyuri Film Festival
The Kawasaki Shinyuri Film Festival started in 1995 and has since been held annually by Kawasaki City as one of the Shinyuri Arts Festival events in Shinyurigaoka on the Odakyu line, Asao ward, Kawasaki city, Japan.
Volunteers Registered volunteers play major roles in planning and arranging the film festival. They select the films, plan entertaining events, and also engage in public relations. They edit official leaflets and program brochures, and produce the official website.
  Barrier-free aspects
voice-over dubbing --For the auditory handicapped, we have been screening some Japanese films with Japanese subtitles.
--For the visually handicapped, we have been screening some films with our audio guide system. This was made possible by voluntary scriptwriters and voice-over dubbing actors.
--A babysitting service supported by experienced volunteers is available for some programs.
--Wheelchair users are welcome to all programs.
  The Junior Film-making Workshop
Junior Film-making Workshop We started the Junior Film-making Workshop program in 2000, hoping so that the junior-high school students in Kawasaki get to know various people in their area as well as discover their creativity through film- making. Supported by teachers of Japan Academy of Moving Images (Nihon Eiga Gakko) and film festival volunteers among others they have created high-level films.
Cinema-uma The zebra, symbol of the film festival, is called cinema-uma which sounds a bit like shima-uma meaning zebra in Japanese with celluloid strips as its coloring.
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